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Cowgirl Sparkly Drunk Girl with Wings (and other creative costume ideas) 

October 29, 2015

My kids love Halloween. They’ve always loved playing dress up, so it’s a natural fit. Rather than being in to Legos, The Boy loved capes and masks. His imagination would make any crappy accessory seem real. The first Phantom of the Opera mask he had was made of cardboard and a hair rubber band. His four year old self saw the real thing. The Girl went through a princess phase, but it was short lived. She likes more realistic things like an artist, a camp counselor, a chef, a fashion model, and a cowgirl-sparkly-witch-kitty.Wait. What? When she was three, she was a kitty for Halloween. That lasted until she was 4. I’m not necessarily a cat person, but her little chubby baby face made the sweetest kitty. The next year, she became sparkly kitty. When she asked to affix her cat ears to a pink cowgirl hat, I didn’t complain. Cowgirl Sparkly Kitty. After that, we bought a witches hat and sadly thought the sparkly kitty was no more. She came up with the brilliant idea to turn her cat-cowgirl hat into a cat-cowgirl-witch hat. Cowgirl Sparkly Witch Kitty.

It’s something our friends look forward to seeing. What new layer will she add? Last year, there was brief talk of the death of Sparkly Kitty. It was fleeting, thank goodness. She went as Cowgirl Sparkly Witch Zombie Kitty, complete with bloody bandages wrapped around her black, sparkly tail.

The Boy’s costumes have been more on the straight and narrow. He’s been Superman and Peter Pan. Last year, he was a werewolf and the year before a vampire. One year, I let him get one of those and entirely uncreative costumes that has a flat plastic mask and a flammable jumpsuit. That might’ve been his happiest Halloween to date.

I don’t go all out or anything, and I’ve never gotten a costume idea from Pinterest. I’ve only made one costume in my years as a Halloween parent. By make, I mean I ironed a Tinkerbell patch to a white t-shirt and tied together some green tulle to make a skirt. I don’t count makeup as a difficult part of costume assembly. Remember when everyone was in A Christmas Carol? They all wore eyeliner for a week.

Much to the dismay of, well, everyone we tell, The Boy wants to be Zipperface. It’s nasty. He’s asked for a couple of years, and quite frankly, I’m excited about a make-up only costume. I’m also excited that he still wants to trick or treat. The candy is a motivating factor, I’m certain. He’s not looking for circus peanuts and Bit-O-Honeys. He was the Reeses. I make sure to search both candy bags for dangerous (read: delicious Butterfinger) candies. Safety first.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy regarding her newest layer. Just know this: it’s good. I’ll update y’all later. Since the sun is down when we trick-or-treat, his nasty costume won’t be too obnoxious. If he starts scaring the neighbors, there’s a good chance they won’t recognize me.

It’s not because I’ll be in costume. I’m a bit of a bad sport about getting into a costume. I love a fancy dress or bright pink wig. I’ve been known to show up at a party as Drunk Girl with Wings. Glass of wine, pair of wings. Stop judging. That was pre-kids. Now I forget the wings altogether.

*originally published in The Metro Spirit, Augusta, GA

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