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15 in 5

December 29, 2014

Because I love a list. Especially a random list.

1. My dad is coming from Chicago to celebrate Christmas, just as he does every year. After our last winter storm, I think he feels a bit tentative. In Chicago, at least they’re prepared for nasty, cold, snowy weather. Their lives don’t slow. It’d be a cruel twist of fate if he came here only to be stuck in a powerless, frozen home for 5 days. Fingers crossed.
2. The Man’s mutton chops caused quite the stir among strangers. People at two different liquor stores asked if he was going for the Wolverine look. Um, no. Let’s try 1800s England.
3. Let’s also try limiting ourselves to one liquor store per week. It’s a lofty goal.
4. I remembered something this week. Moving is terrible. Even if the people moving are super nice. Tension is high. No matter how far ahead you begin packing, you’re always tossing crap in boxes on that last night. Oh, and you’ll always need more boxes. Boxes filled with books are very heavy.
5. I learned something this week. Hire movers.
6. When your 10 year old asks to go see Santa, you go. Even if he’s only motivated by gifts, I’ll take it. I’m fully aware of the fact that it might be his last year.
7. If you want to receive, you’ve got to believe, and don’t screw it up for your sister.
8. We took The Boy to middle school open house last week. As cliché as it is, I’m not ready. He’s ready, though. Hearing him talk about walking those halls melted me into a puddle of proud tears. Let’s see how I feel when the hormones really kick in.
9. We were leaving a party the other night and some guys tried to fight us. We didn’t acknowledge them. As it turns out, that made them even madder. They yelled derogatory, nasty things and started coming at us. We continued to ignore them. They came closer. We got in the car and drove off quickly.
10. To all the Debbie Downers and Negative Nathans piping up out there: we weren’t downtown Augusta. We were in Columbia County. I’ll tell y’all the story someday.
11. Thinking of getting a pet? Try the Augusta-Richmond County shelter on Mack Lane. The adoption fees are very affordable and include vaccines, sterilization, and microchipping. Besides, puppies are cute, but they eat bags of Fritos and deposit them on your Oriental rugs. Older dogs are already sweet, and trust me they know they’ve been rescued. Our Lizzy came from the ARC shelter. It’s a kill shelter, and the day we adopted her, there was a sale, with percentages off based on probability of adoption. Those who weren’t were no longer. We would’ve taken home 15 dogs that day, if it was possible. Find them on facebook for info about sales and events.
12. Stepping off my soapbox for the year, I have but one more thing to say: assume positive intentions. People aren’t always out to tick you off or hurt your feelings. Think before you react. Choose your words, because words do hurt. Kumbayah and hearts and unicorns and stuff.
13. If 2014 was good year for you, here’s to an even better year to come.
14. If you’re ready to see 2014 to the door, may all your misfortunes go with it.
15. Happy New Year to you and yours! Fill your glass with something bubbly and hug your people, people. Cheers!

*originally published in the Metro Spirit, Augusta, GA 12/25/14

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