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be the miracle – check your boobs

October 15, 2014

mobile Looking for something to do this weekend? You don’t have to train for it, and it won’t even take all day. If you give up a few hours of your Saturday, you could save the life of a woman in our community. Makes you feel powerful, right? It’s easy.

The Miracle Mile walk, which is a laid-back, fun walk (remember me? I tried running once. It didn’t work), supports local efforts to educate and screen women in the CSRA for breast cancer. With early detection, survival rates are better than 95%. So what gives? Only 44% of women in our area get regular mammograms.

You need a yearly mammogram, ladies. Men, you should check yourselves, too. Although instances in females are much more prevalent, breast cancer isn’t gender exclusive. Don’t have insurance? There’s even a Mobile Mammography unit, which travels to various locations in Richmond, Columbia, and outlying counties, providing uninsured women with the necessary screenings. In 2014 alone,  11 women have been diagnosed in the Mobile Unit. That’s 11 women who might not have been screened otherwise. In 2013, a total of 5,563 mammograms were performed in every county of the CSRA.

If you walk (and raise a bunch of money!), you probably want to know exactly where the money goes. It stays here. In Augusta. 100% of all dollars collected will help maintain and staff the Mobile Mammo unit and benefit our region’s only accredited Breast Health Center, which is located on the University Hospital campus. They provide diagnostic testing, education, and treatment options for breast cancer patients.

Need a reason to walk?

The statistic says that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s profound, y’all. In my small office of 7 women, we’ve already had one. I’m sure you all know at least one person who’s gone through treatment. There are thousands of reasons to walk.

This soapbox is for my friend Debbie. She died in February, after a long, hard battle with this nasty disease. We still miss her every day. I’ll stay on the soapbox for all the future Debbies, who will be sick through chemo, lose their hair, and recover from surgeries.

So this week, when you’re making plans, check out The walk is Saturday October 18th. It’s easy to register, and it doesn’t cost a thing. The amount you raise is entirely up to you (though the boobs are counting on ya). There are some sweet bright pink t-shirts, too.

I’ll be walking for Debbie. I’ll also be walking for everyone who will be diagnosed in the Mobile Mammo unit this year. More info and awareness = less fear. That’s it. Let’s all help put an end to the fear. Join me and the ten thousand other people who will be walking that day. Little ol’ you can make a big difference. You can save a life, people!

pink ribbonOriginally published in the Metro Spirit, Augusta GA 10/9/14

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