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potty accidents and a new bff

April 17, 2014

photo (17)We got a puppy. Yes, he is very cute. He is also a handful. We might be crazy.
Ever since Sam, or beloved Weimaraner, died a few years ago, we’ve been thinking about getting a dog. We don’t ever expect to replace him. He was our first. He’d get the newspaper from the bottom of the driveway, play dead, and most importantly, get a beer from the fridge.
We still have Lizzy, our rescue. She is the sweetest, weirdest dog I know. She appreciates that we took her away from the horrible Mack Road Animal Control. We never had to train her. She sat, shook hands, and generally did whatever Sam did right from the beginning. But she’s getting old.
We didn’t exactly mean to get a puppy just yet. We’d only started talking about it. A rescue is always preferable, but we wanted a baby, so The Kids could raise and train one from the beginning. If that was to happen, the dog must be small, so they could walk the pup without much assistance. As big dog people, this was a challenging thought. It didn’t take as much to convince me, but The Man came around.
At first, the idea was to get a dog for Christmas. I’d talk to Santa, who would bring it on Christmas morning. That was a terrible idea, really. Santa would have to keep up with the puppy before Christmas, possible juggling him/her around from home to home, until the big day. Not only that, but Santa would get all the credit for the coolest present ever.
Now we’d just wait until the right dog came along. Let him find us.
A couple of weeks ago, a good friend called while visiting Nashville. She was holding a 4 month old Morkie (Yorkie/Maltese) pup who needed a home. He was fully housetrained and wouldn’t shed. After a 5 minute family discussion, we called her and said YES! Much to our dismay, he was adopted by the time we decided.
Puppy on the brain.
We began the search. It may work for your family, but we aren’t fans of paying over $1,000 for a pet. There are too many dogs who need good homes. We looked on rescue sites within a several state radius. If we found a pup, buy the time we called, it was spoken for. Hours were spent calling, internetting, discussing, and getting turned down.
When we found the Mennonite family in Abbeville, we knew we’d come to the right place. They charge a very nominal fee for the vet bills incurred raising and vaccinating the puppies until they go home. Their family pets are the parents, and they’re kept with the babies until a forever home is found.
We drove the hour plus ride to meet them. The one white paw made the decision easy. This four pound, black fluff with puppy breath came to our house a week later. We named him Teddy, short for Theodore Roosevelt Wright, as a nod to The Boy’s former obsession with all things presidential.
I’d forgotten how much work it is. A puppy is a lot like a baby, without the breastfeeding and diapers. Diapers might actually come in handy, but I’m thankful for the other part. Since we got him Masters Week, we had guests in town, so it didn’t seem fair to put him in a crate, only to bark all night. Out of consideration for our company, I slept with him all week. Yep, it was for everyone else’s benefit. He’s quite the snuggler.
He’s pretty smart. We have him about 75% house trained after a week. If he has an accident, it’s mostly our fault. He warns us. Well, he didn’t warn us before he peed on my friend Courtney’s bed. I didn’t say he’s perfect. He’s perfect for us, though. He fits right in.
We can’t wait to teach him tricks. I want everyone to see him while he’s young and floppy, but we’re looking forward to having him for a long, long time. I’ve already taken him, on my lap, to carpool every day. He accidentally had his first bourbon the other night, when he knocked over a drink. Calm yourselves. He had a lick. He is hilarious when he chases a ball as big as his head. He trips over his own feet. We love him so much already.
We got a puppy.

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  1. April 17, 2014 9:48 pm

    Few things as good as four legged, fur love.

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