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paper or plastic?

October 24, 2013

printDo you take the paper? If you’re reading a hard copy of the Metro Spirit, you might think this is a stupid question. Many of you aren’t, though. You’ve clicked through a link on Facebook or
Do you know what “take the paper” means? Do people say that anymore? I’m wondering if I’ve falsely aged myself, as if I said “fetch a pail of water” or the like. I’m only 36. I do like a real newspaper, though.
When The Boy was tiny, and life was much, much simpler, my favorite time of day was the early morning hours. I’d feed him, and we’d curl up together, just my baby, my coffee, and the newspaper. I read every page. I even read the ads. There’s something therapeutic and almost meditative about the process. As life got more hectic, that free time got shorter and shorter, and I stopped reading the paper every day.
I’d rather hold a real book or thumb through a magazine, too. I like perfume samples and coupons, and subscription cards don’t bother me a bit. I have many, many favorite books, and just two favorite magazines. Most who know me would be surprised to discover I’ve got a subscription to Vogue Magazine.
The pages of Vogue are beautiful. I’m not a fashionable person in general, though I do appreciate nice photography. The pictures in Vogue are better than that. The editor, Anna Wintour, is a seemingly cold witch, but she’s driven and talented and writes a compelling editor’s letter every month. Stories are written for the layouts. The fashion is overt and often unbelievable, but the writing is better than you’d think. I’ve heard such an argument about Playboy, too. Not necessarily about the fashion, though. Ahem.
I can spend hours thumbing through an issue of Vogue. Unfortunately, the September and March issues take at least that long. They’re nearly a thousand beautiful pages of words and photographs. I’m a little behind. Someday in a time long, long from now (and probably only in my dreams) I’ll be independently wealthy and live on a beach, where all I do is read print media and sip mimosas. You know how paper smells better with age? If it ever happens, my magazines will likely reek.
Is it a lack of time or ability to pay attention? For me, it’s the latter. My attention span is shot.
I get it, though. This is where we’re headed. News can be found quickly, right there on your phone. Not only that, but we don’t have to wait until tomorrow morning for the update. We have 24 hour news, sports, and weather channels. My kids think it’s so old fashioned to read the paper. Even this one.
Also, have y’all seen Garden and Gun mag? It’s exquisite. It puts Southern Living and its depiction of our fine south to shame. The pages are a lovely matte finish, and although the issues aren’t thick, they’re hefty. It’s pricey but worth every penny.
A funny side story: I was in Charleston this summer visiting a friend. We went to 39 Rue de Jean for a late dinner at the bar. On our way for an even later weeknight cocktail, I stopped to talk to a group of people on the patio at the restaurant. It was idle chatter, not of substance, but they asked me to join them. My friend was paying the bill, so I sat. Everyone introduced themselves, and they went back to talking.
The person just to my right, Pierre, asked me, “Where are you from, Jenny?” I told him I’m from Atlanta but have lived in Augusta for about 13 years. A couple of his friends asked if I knew such and such. Name dropping. He also asked, “What do you do in Augusta?” I gave him the list. I am a wife and mom, I volunteer in the community, and I write a weekly column.
“Oh, really?” He seemed more interested than most. “What do you write about?” Hmm. What do I write about? I told him I’m not a sports writer, and I don’t touch politics. Otherwise, it’s mainly nonsense. He laughed. He asked if I read the Post and Courier. Um, I probably would, if I lived in Charleston, but I don’t. I didn’t mention my love for magazines and books. It didn’t seem relevant or important.
I Googled him the next day. Based on the info his friends were giving about his career, I knew there was more to the story. Not only is he the Chairman of the Board of the Post and Courier, Charleston’s daily, and many other newspapers/TV stations/radio stations, but he is one of the owners of Garden and Gun magazine. Only me.
I missed my chance to gush. He has no idea how lucky he was.
As an English major married to an English major, our collection of books is larger than average. While our kids haven’t gotten in to reading books on Kindles or iPads, The Man and I are both guilty. Though we have two paper copies, we both reread Gatsby electronically. It is what it is.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I love our local magazine, too. That’s a given. I read nearly every source in our fair town. We have the big box book store, but have y’all been to The Book Tavern downtown? Go. It smells of old books and great knowledge.
To boil it down, reading is what’s important. However you do it, at least it’s getting done. Just remember, you can’t dog ear an iPad. Love your books, people (and magazines and newspapers, too). Cheers!

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