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15 in 5

January 24, 2013

Because I love a list. Especially a random list.


1. If this is winter, I don’t like winter. I got spoiled by the warm weather we’ve had. Yep, that’s a complaint. I’ll take the heat any day.

2. I find that I deal with the cold by getting in bed really early. Well, it may not be early for everyone else. I’m used to being up until 11 or 12 each night. Being asleep by 10 keeps me warm. I guess that’s how hibernation works. I haven’t started taking food to bed with me, though.

3. If I told you how many beers I drank last weekend, you’d probably think I have a problem. If I tell you that they were mostly two ounce pours in a plastic sampler glass, I hope your judgment would lessen a bit.

4. We went to the World Beer Festival in Columbia last weekend. As much as I’d love for all of y’all to stay in town and enjoy what Augusta has to offer, this was a great excuse to plan a vacation that only requires a one hour drive. We got our hotel for $62 on Priceline (thanks to the suggestion and boost of confidence by my gambling friend, Boomkat). Apparently, the people at the Marriott front desk liked us so much, they even gave us breakfast vouchers. Maybe they do that for everyone, but I felt important. And we ate free breakfast.

11. Before we took a single sip of beer that day, we needed food. Those in our group who’d gone the year before suggested a place called Liberty Tap Room because of a specific burger they wanted. The Freedom Burger isn’t your average burger. It has bacon, homemade pickles, cheese, and a fried egg on it. I love bacon. I like fried eggs, too. A burger with both is pretty damn good.

5. The Beer fest was people-watching at its best. My favorite story of the day (well, that I can share here) was when a man was trying to convince his wife to try a new beer. “Honey, you should try Yeungling Light! You love Miller Lite, so I think you’ll like this one just fine.” I’m not judging anyone’s taste in beer, you see. It’s just that there were so many other choices. Over 50 breweries were represented there. If I wanted something I could pick up at the jiffy store, I’d have picked it up at the jiffy store and saved the $40 entrance fee. That’s all I’m saying.

6. After the festival, we played cornhole in the sun at the World of Beer, had sushi at Tsunami, and bar hopped a bit. At one point, we settled at Hunter Gatherer, a place known for its home brews. It was a bit of a walk, but we got to walk through the beautiful, manicured grounds of the capitol building.

7. While at the bar, a woman approached The Man. I’m not worried about his fidelity, so women talking to him in a bar don’t bother me one bit. They chatted, and he mentioned that his wife was nearby. I returned to my seat, he introduced me (as his wife), and I smiled said “Hey! Yep! This is my husband!” I rubbed his arm and turned around to talk to one of our friends. She asked him what was wrong with me and walked away.

8. I hadn’t visited Columbia for anything other than the zoo and some long ago – and very exciting – Wiggles concerts. Downtown is very walkable and clean, and there are tons of restaurant and bar choices. Once the sun went down, our favorite spot was The Whig. It’s a tiny, underground place. From what I’ve read since, it’s the kind of place where you’ll see all kinds of people.  We sat in our own little room that must’ve been a vault at some point.

9. If you share your sake with the wait staff, you’ll get better service.

10. If you sit at the bar, tip the sushi chef. You’ll get better service.

12. If you think you can beat my friend Alex at cornhole, you’d better be sure. He’s a ringer.

13. If you like beer, visit Columbia next year for the World Beer Festival.

14. If you don’t want to travel that far, you can go to the Metro Spirit’s ETCP 2nd Annual Spring Fest. It’s on Saturday March 9th from 12-7. The lines were long last year, but they’ll be better this year. There’s already a list of nearly 20 beers to try.

15. If the weather hasn’t warmed up by then, I’ll still come out of hibernation that day. At least the festival ends by 7. I can still make my bedtime.

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  1. Tami permalink
    January 26, 2013 1:10 am

    How did you get my hat? 🙂

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