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15 in 5

October 26, 2012

Because I love a list. Especially a random list.


  1. If you aren’t enjoying the fall weather, you have a heart of stone.
  2. Ok, I the only thing I dislike about fall weather is that winter is right around the corner.
  3. The only things I like about winter are fires in the fireplace, fires on the deck, and watching my kids celebrate Christmas. And jeans and boots. Ok, maybe winter isn’t that bad. It’s just the whole cold thing that gets me.
  4. Speaking of colds, please wash your hands. We don’t need to share the booger you just dislodged when you thought no one was looking.
  5. If your kids are sick, please keep them out of school. I understand that this seems impossible if you have to work. Sending them to school prevents them from getting the rest they need to get well. They will be sicker longer. Sending them to school while they are sick also greatly increases the chance that one of my kids will barf.
  6. We are in Halloween crunch time around here. The Boy wants to be a vampire. He has even kept his hair long, so he can slick all back. The Girl has sadly decided to be something other than Sparkly Kitty. It was a cute, simple costume, and we had all the parts. Ears, a tail and some glitter hairspray got us easily through three Halloweens. We’re still not sure about this one. Stay tuned.
  7.  I’m not really a fan of costumes. I have many friends who are creative and who come up with awesome costumes every year. I just always feel silly.
  8. My second best costume to date was Michael Jackson (came in 3rd place at the Partridge Inn many years ago). I wore black satin pants, crimped my hair, borrowed a leather zippery jacket, and covered a glove in silver glitter. The costume was simple. Who knew I looked so much like him.
  9. My favorite costume (and one that might come out again this year) was Wine Drinking Girl with Wings. I wore wings. Otherwise, it was pretty much me, dressed as me.
  10. To the lady at Publix: My slow pace was totally intentional. I stood there looking for my keys, which were really tucked in to the zipper pocket in my purse, just to tick you off. I consider the entire operation a success, because when you opened your window to yell at me, your three kids got a reprieve from the ciggy hotbox you so generously created for them.
  11. To the other lady at Publix. No, not you. The one I liked. Those pink bags are cute aren’t they? My old green bags were so ratty; buying new ones was a necessity. I had no idea how much the hot pink ones would make me smile. I didn’t anticipate that they’d make others smile, too. One woman even came up to me smiling, hugging me and thanking me for supporting breast cancer research. At $.99 a pop, I’d say those bags were a worthwhile investment.
  12. We took The Kids to Boshears last weekend. We all had a great time. The people-watching was fantastic. The moment of the day was the invocation during the opening ceremonies. I looked around to see people praying in earnest, all while drinking an ice cold beer and balancing their offspring on their shoulders. Gotta love the south.
  13. The weekend before that, we went to The Greek Festival and the fair. We could’ve gone to see the Peter Pan, eaten at the Hispanic Festival, shopped for produce at the Saturday Market, Walked with the Spirits, relaxed on a Canal Music Cruise, watched an open Disc Golf tournament, laughed with comedian Mike Epps, or put on legwarmers for 80s night at The Soul Bar. I’m sure there was much, much more to do. Pretty impressive for a town where there “isn’t anything to do.”
  14. If you need to know what’s going on this weekend, you can flip through this paper until you get to the calendar. If you like to plan ahead a little more, visit I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. If not, I guess you’ll just have to make your own fun, but please quit complaining.
  15. It’s fall, y’all! Cheers!
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  1. Les permalink
    October 26, 2012 3:57 pm

    Wings can be a drag, but you could dress up as a Wine Fairy. That would be totally new and creative! (please read with fun & sarcasm)

    • Jenny permalink*
      October 26, 2012 3:58 pm

      I love that idea! I think that might be me costume on Wednesday!

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