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gone postal?

August 23, 2012

We’re having a problem with our mailman. For the sake of political correctness, I’m sure that’s not what they’re called anymore, but he’s a man, and he delivers my mail. Well, he’s supposed to deliver my mail.

For a couple of years, we’ve gotten pieces of mail that belong to our neighbors or people with the same house number but on a different street. It’s been annoying, but I just put it on top of my mailbox and assume that our mailman will deliver it to the proper home. I might or might not thumb through the People magazines first.

Before I completely blame the mailman, I have to wonder if this is a sorting problem or a mailman problem. I’m unaware of the inner postal workings, and wonder who is in charge of sorting the mail. Maybe it’s already sorted for the mailman, and he just picks up some boxes and puts them in the truck. I’d think at some point, though, he’d notice that the address on the stack of mail doesn’t match the one on the mailbox. Maybe not.

The truth is that this is a first world problem. There are much bigger issues that need attention. It could be worse, too. I have a friend who complained to the postal manager and her mailman left a box of tissues on her mailbox. He’s hostile. Ours is actually a really nice guy. Even nice people can suck at their jobs.

When we went to Ireland this summer, we asked, via the website, for our mail to be held for the week. We’ve done this numerous times before. I requested that it all be delivered on the Monday following our return. One would think that two adults would get quite a bit of mail in one week, right? Five pieces. We got a total of two envelopes and three political post cards. It struck me as odd, but I thought maybe the big box of mail would come the next day. Nope. I thought it was strange, but we take care of bills and things online, so I just hoped we weren’t missing anything. Last week, there were three days in a row where we didn’t get any mail.

It wouldn’t have been all that strange if there weren’t days when we only got someone else’s mail. Today, we got three pieces that belonged to our neighbor and none of ours. There wasn’t even anything good in there. So where’s our mail?

I would’ve just delivered it all to its rightful owner, but I wanted to leave a note for the mailman. It was a simple note, on a hot pink Post It. It said “WRONG MAIL AGAIN.” And yes, I underlined it. I also called and filed a complaint with the USPS. The girl was really nice and apologetic. I don’t have high expectations for change, though. I’m supposed to get a call from them tomorrow, which will let me know where the investigation stands. I have a case number, and they’ve made a notation on the carrier’s route (so that’s what they’re called). That makes it sound so official and serious.

The mail has to be somewhere, though. How do I know what we’ve even missed? The fact is, we don’t. We may never know. I also wonder if they’ll tell the guy who complained. Have others complained? I certainly don’t want to make him mad; he does know where I live.

If we’ve missed your party or wedding, please know it wasn’t intentional. We might not have even known about it. I’m gonna have to come up with a new excuse once this is resolved, aren’t I?

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