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15 in 5

August 16, 2012

Because I love a list. Especially a random list.

  1. School is in! For the first time as a parent of school aged children, I was excited to have them go back. I hate to say it, but it’s true. They picked on each other all summer.
  2. That being said, WHAT IS UP WITH THE FIGHTING? I swear they enjoy it. Or do they enjoy terrorizing Mama? I remember my brothers fighting like this, and now I understand why my parents always seemed to be holding a glass of wine.
  3. This is also the first year I didn’t shed a single tear when The Kids went back to school. See the last two items.
  4. Although we had a busy summer, nothing compares to the craziness that is the school year. Soccer has already started. It’s called Fall Soccer. Isn’t it still summer?
  5. Even though The Kids’ eating habits went to hell during these months off, I rarely even heard them complain about a single meal.
  6. Does it drive anyone else crazy when someone looks at your plate of (let’s just pretend) oysters, and says “EW GROSS. THEY ARE SO DISGUSTING,” and they proceed to go on and on about all of the things that are nasty about, say, oysters? We have a One Bite to Be Polite rule, and after that, if you still don’t like it, please, keep your mouth shut.
  7. I love that we can choose what we eat, to which school we send our kids, where we vacation, what we believe, and for whom to vote. Choice is good.
  8. What I can’t stand is when someone makes a new choice, which may better suit them, but they completely trash their former ways, complaining about them to anyone who will listen. Just remember, it may not have worked for you, but don’t ruin the experience for those who are still perfectly happy.
  9. I’m doing my best to avoid drama. Somehow, these people keep getting in my way.
  10. Who still wants to live a drama-filled life as an adult? It’s exhausting, and trust me: it isn’t very becoming. If it doesn’t directly affect you, please, forthelove, take a diplomatic approach and keep your opinions to yourself.
  11. I guess I sound like a total hypocrite with that last one. I never really keep my opinions to myself. I share them with a limited audience, right?
  12. All drama aside, I can’t believe that I have a first grader and a third grader. What’s most remarkable about it all is that I remember being in each of those grades. I remember my teachers’ names. First was Mrs. Bonner, and third was Sherida Nichols. She had the most perfect handwriting. Anyone who knows me now knows who to blame.
  13. I also remember getting excited about choosing my school supplies and back to school wardrobe. Do you recall the picture on your first Trapper Keeper? Mine was a rainbow hot air balloon. Ashley’s was kittens. We showed them off at the bus stop. Kids aren’t allowed to really choose their supplies anymore. I understand the reasoning behind it. If everyone has the same stuff, no child will be left behind. However, I think there’s something to be said for letting them pick their own stuff. Personal style is an important life lesson, too.
  14. Oh, can we say one other thing about making choices? What the hell is up with the new (proposed? Voted on?) name for Augusta State + GHSU/MCG? Georgia Regents is the most azzinine (wait. Did I just say that?) name I’ve ever heard. I can’t find anyone who likes it. Well, except for Azziz. Apparently votes were taken, and GRU was the one liked least. Apparently that doesn’t matter to anyone except the silly GBOR. Did you hear that GBOR? We all think you’re silly now. And that’s putting it mildly.
  15. Regardless of what they name it, everyone will eventually adapt, I’m sure.  However, if it’s like anything else in Augusta, the old names will stick with those who really care. Augusta College and Clarks Hill Lake never went anywhere.
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