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Customer Not Serviced

March 21, 2012

I’m sure there isn’t anyone out there who really likes talking to telemarketers. Most people probably despise it. I don’t mind giving them my time. You see, when I was at UGA, I worked at the call center for alumni fundraising. We got hung up on occasionally, but mostly people were happy to hear from their alma mater.

I’m happy to answer a few questions, complete your survey, and if you’re willing to send my something in writing, I might even make a donation. Although I don’t necessarily want to talk to them, I recognize that they have a job to do. That being said, there is a fine line between making a phone call and harassment.

For weeks now, an Atlanta number has been showing up on caller ID. It looks like it would be a cell phone number. That’s a dirty trick. I’ll be even more likely to answer those calls, as it could be someone I know in Atlanta. So I’ve answered. “Hello?” Nothing. Silence. “Hello?” “He-LLO?” And they hang up.

If you try calling the number back, you get a busy signal. I even Googled the number, but all I found was a bunch of complaints about this exact number.

A couple of days later: “HELLO?”

“This is CallerGirl on behalf of Alarm Company, is Mrs. –“

“Pardon me for interrupting, but can you please remove me from your list?” CLICK. She hung up.

The next time this happened, my patience for CallerGirl and her job had run out. I tried to speak as quickly as I can (and I talk very fast anyway) “YesyoucalleverydayandIreallywanttoberemovedfromyourlist.” CLICK. She hung up again.

I guess I’ll remain on their list.

This week must’ve been Jenny’s Week of Crappy Customer Service. The next day, I was the one making the phone call. As soon as the rep answered my call, I knew it wasn’t gonna be good. She sounded bored and she was definitely above than me and everyone who worked there.

I explained that I’d ordered a dress and bathing suit, but a couple of weeks prior, only the bathing suit arrived. After the initial shipment, a follow up call explained that they no longer had the dress. The company (supposedly) set up a refund. Strangely enough, that very morning, I’d gotten an email saying “Congrats!” and that the bathing suit AND dress had shipped. She interrupted, “Ma’am, we no longer have the dress. I will issue a refund.”

“Ok, thanks! But why did the email say that the dress was coming after all? I never got a refund.”

“Well WHAT does your email say, Ma’am?” I read it to her, getting about halfway through before she interrupted me again, “And WHO sent you this email?” Um, your company?

She went on to tell me that she would issue a refund, but if the dress came, I had to send it back. I asked if I could possibly keep it, since I, like, you know, wanted it in the first place. She told me that I couldn’t just have it for free. She also told me to quit interrupting her.

I understand that customer service jobs aren’t easy, and the customer isn’t always right, and you may not get paid very well, but it’s your job, sweetcheeks. “You have been nothing but rude to me, and I get the impression that you don’t like your job very much. Unfortunately, it is your job, and the nature of your job says that you work for me. You aren’t in charge of me.”

She actually said, “I don’t work for nobody.”

Well, ok, but I feel pretty certain that this call has been recorded and your boss might beg to differ on that one. “Can I speak to your supervisor?”

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten the call back from her boss, and I haven’t seen the dress. Alarm Company hasn’t called either. When they do, I’m tempted to press all the buttons on the phone, hurting their ears like they did mine. If it happens again, I think pick up the phone speaking before they can even say a word, “Hello! This is Jenny Wright calling. Can I please speak to Alarm Company?” They may not be entertained, but I will.

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