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If the highchair fits…

February 8, 2012

Here we go again.  It’s just another chapter in the kid-haters vs. everyone else.  You’d think I’d grow tired of the endless debate, but the haters are just too easy to ridicule.   Some of the parents are, too.

Something happened last week that brought it up again.  Vallarta on Washington Road was pretty crowded, but not slammed.  It was just after 6, so margarita prices had just jumped up from the Happy Hour deals.

As we sat there finishing our dinner, our neighbor came to our table with his two year old daughter.  She was excited to see The Girl, so she happily (and loudly), giggled hello.  While we were talking to her daddy, our friend, he was putting her on his shoulder, causing even more laughter.  I thought she was perfectly cute.  The table next to us must not have agreed.

I partially take that back.  There was one girl at the table who stared at us incredulously, shaking her head and snorting with disapproval.  You would have thought she was at Calvert’s on a Saturday night.  Every time Charlotte made a sound, this girl would freak out, nostrils getting bigger with every baby laugh, and her head shakes practically caused whiplash.  It’s not as if Charlotte was having a tantrum.  She was happy.  The rest of the glarer’s table was laughing.  With her or at her I’m not sure.  I am sure of the fact that she was only drinking tea.  A little frozen fruity drink never hurt anyone, little lady.   Might help, actually.

I’m the first one to ask that my children behave in a restaurant, but come on.  We didn’t choose a white tablecloth, linen napkin, high-dollar place.  We were there early on purpose, so our kids would sit still.  If they didn’t, we know that many families would be there and would likely understand.  We don’t want to deal with our kids’ crappy behavior, either.  I am unable to call laughter crappy behavior though, no matter how dirty the looks.  I might even slip a sugar packet into their lemonade and sit back and watch the show.

My friend Liz told me of a recent debate on a Decatur (Georgia) mom message board, where several (hip?) mamas were lambasting area restaurants for not having high chairs.  First of all, if they don’t have high chairs, maybe they don’t want your kids there?   Secondly, many quick serve restaurants simply don’t have the space for extra seats.  We always had a portable booster that stayed in my car for such situations.  I don’t think these restaurants should be accused of hating children.  It’s their prerogative to allow and attract a certain clientele.  If they don’t want you there, why would you want to be there?  Last I checked, there were hundreds of restaurants in Decatur and its surrounding areas.   Would you keep trying to get back together with a boyfriend who said he didn’t love you anymore?

Once again, I think we have a case of bored people with nothing better to do than to figure out ways that the world owes them something.  Rest assured. I know that everyone feels this way at some point.  We all get mad and feel wronged.  Fortunately most of us outgrow this by the time we are about 21.  You’d hope that adults would start to figure out that life may not be fair, but we have choices.  Remember the sandwich thing (Metro Spirit, Jan. 26)?  Not only can you choose whether or not to eat the sucky sandwiches, but you can even pick which kind you want.  Some people might find bologna to be nasty, but I think it’s delicious, especially fried.  Did you know it starts as a meat batter?

Kids are obnoxious and messy.  Hell, so are husbands.  I’ve yet to find a place that bans both, so I’ll continue to take them to casual places before 7pm.  If you see me drinking a margarita, I’m probably just drowning out the chatter and laughter that is pure happiness.  Not sure where The Man will sit when they’re out of high chairs, but I’ll demand that our server comp my meal.  No dice?  I’ll sue for some ungodly dollar amount.  After all, they owe me, right?

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  1. February 8, 2012 4:59 pm

    oh, that is awesome.

  2. Aunt Leroy permalink
    February 8, 2012 10:21 pm

    You are spot on….people need to get a better battle to fight….kids are being bullied at school, vetrans are homeless, animals are being abused & euthanized in record numbers & there are children going to bed hungry -here in America…..And yet these “ladies” are upset about the lack of high chairs in their favorite restaurant? Or the silly giggles of a happy child in a family restaurant? What’s wrong with people? Are we turning into a county of mean spirited narrow minded curmudoeons? It’s a sad day when we can’t appreciate the laughter of a child.

  3. ghl1 permalink
    February 12, 2012 8:54 pm

    Love this post! Some people just need a good dose of reality!

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