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Back to college days for me

May 25, 2011

My heart is pounding, hands sweating. My tennis friends are all gathered around the table with fingers crossed, wondering what is taking our server so long. We’re waiting to see if my check card is approved or declined.

Because I stay home with The Kids, The Man puts money in my account each week and it’s usually enough to get me from Thursday to Thursday. Yes, we do have separate accounts. Trust me, it’s better for everyone. Let’s just say that he is much more fiscally responsible than I.

We switched banks about a month ago, abandoning the mega bank for a lovely local bank. The employees actually know our names. I believe they actually want us to bank there. Last week, after visiting the downtown branch at Enterprise Mill, the teller thought that he forgot to put my cash in the little envelope. He tracked me down. He called our house, The Man’s office and finally got me on my cell phone. I assured him that I did, in fact, have my cash and thanked him (full of shock and entirely impressed) for calling me. That made up for the fact that he didn’t give me a lollipop.

With a new and smaller bank come adjustments. Getting everything transferred over and set up has been a process. My weekly money used to automatically transfer from The Man’s account to mine. It’s fixed now, but for the first few weeks he just had to remember to do it.

He didn’t always remember to do it.

At the gas station last week, the pump was dispensing gas so slowly. Like molasses. I was cussing it. Why in the world is this thing so slow? This is going to take forever. And then it stopped. At $5.34. What. The. Hell. I call The Man and he admits that he forgot to transfer the money. The pump was not broken. It only allowed me to have $5.34 in gas because that’s all the money I had left. Do you realize that’s around 1.5 gallons? I was so low, that little bit of gas barely got me to the empty line.

The anxiety that comes with all of this brings back a feeling all too familiar. In college, my friends and I perfected the art of a well-written check. You know you did it, too. Back then, if we were out of cash, meaning the bank account was empty, we’d go to the grocery and write a check! It took at least a week for it to clear, and by then we’d have money again.

You can’t do that anymore because most places electronically scan the check, taking your money immediately. Speaking of college and grocery shopping, did you know that if something at the store is expired they give it to you for free? I certainly wouldn’t want week-old sausage or milk but don’t think we didn’t show up at midnight looking for things that “expired” only minutes before.

Back to yesterday. We finally see our server. She presents all of the credit card folders, including mine and hands us all pens. It went through! We all high fived and cheered. Yes! Our first automatic transfer of funds was a success! I sent The Man a text letting him know and headed to the grocery store. Where my card was declined right there in the middle of the self-checkout that I frequent several times per week. I must’ve had a little money left from the previous week — just enough to cover my Speedy Gonzales lunch special.

The transfer did eventually go through at about 5:10 yesterday evening. I’ll just have to budget better next week. Or start making my list based on expiration dates and start shopping at midnight.

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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    May 25, 2011 7:24 pm

    Haha! We used to rack up at Kroger!! I think we lived off barely expired rotisserie chickens!!!

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